Our Product Range

Process Equipments
The design and quality of individual process equipments is essential for the overall optimal performance of specialized chemical process systems. We believe in using superior quality raw material of Schott Duran, Simax, DuPont, etc and process them in-house to ensure quality control. Our process equipments are widely used throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and based on application we offer components made of borosilicate glass 3.3 as well as fluoro-polymer (PTFE/FEP/PFA/PP) lined components.
Engineered Systems
Fractional Distillation Plant
Ablaze offers pre-engineered products for the regular processes such as heat transfer, distillation, mixing, separation, which find vast application in R&D and pilot plant stages. These can also be customized & integrated together to address special process requirements of clients. Our expertise and production know-how of these engineered systems, along with superior manufacturing processes enables us to optimize the overall process.
Process Systems
We can provide complete customized process plants of production scale for manufacture of APIs, speciality chemicals, dyes, paints, oils, agrochemicals, fine chemicals as well as projects on turn-key basis. Our team of experts ensures that the final system is efficient as well as cost-effective. Some turkey systems we have expertise in include bromine recovery, solvent recovery, acid concentration, essential oil extraction, bio-diesel plant, etc to name a few.
Process Instrumentation
With an aim to provide complete range of engineering products to our customers, we have introduced a line of complementary instrumentation and automation products. These are tailor made for our chemical process systems and provide a one stop solution to our clients in R&D centres, academic institutions, chemical & pharmaceutical industries. We can also integrate systems like SCADA with all our units to provide automated solutions for use in research and study.