Ablaze is a technology driven company. We believe in using the best of engineering and manufacturing technology available, so as to provide optimized and efficient products to our customers. Right from the design stage through the production to the final testing stage, technology is used at each phase to manufacture superior end products, in line with customer’s process requirements.
3-D Drawings
3D Drawings
In turnkey projects, we assist our customer during the engineering and design phase, with the help of engineering tools such as 2D and 3D drawings, and software for mathematical modelling of processes.
This aids in verification of design, and helps to determine scope of optimization at design stage itself. We have an expert team of engineers dedicated to the task of designing optimum process equipment for turnkey projects.
Fabrication Technique
We use superior quality borosilicate 3.3 tubes made by Schott Duran and Kavalier Simax. Good quality raw material along with superior fabrication techniques, result in well-crafted glass products.
We use high precision machining tools such as lathe machine, cutting machines, flame torches, etc and our fabricators have experience of over 15 years of handling glass.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Quality control and assurance is of prime importance to us and we ensure that each of every component is manufactured within prescribed quality norms.
DIN ISO 3585, 3586, 3587, BS EN 1595 are some of the internationally accepted norms with which our products comply. Similarly, DIN standards are followed for Glass lined reactors, PTFE-lined products as well as metallic components.
Testing Facilities
Testing Facility
Superior facilities are available for tests such as hydro test, pressure test, impact test, etc to name a few. All tests are done in accordance with acceptable international norms.