Bromine Recovery System

Ablaze has a long and successful record of design and supply of several Bromine recovery systems – both grass-root and from industrial effluents. Being manufacturer of Borosilicate Glass equipment, PTFE components and PTFE lined components, Ablaze is well qualified to handle such recovery systems as these are the major Material of Construction used in such systems. Ablaze also has in-house capabilities for Automation and Instrumentation, which is necessary for reliable and safe operation.
Our experienced Engineering team can offer custom made designs for various Bromine recovery systems:
  • Grass root bromine recovery from Sea-bittern (Hot Process or Cold Process)
  • From Industrial Effluents, such as NaBr, KBr, etc. (Hot Process)
Typical Product quality for Bromine recovered from such recovery plants is as follows
  • Bromine - 99.5% w/w min
  • Chlorine - 0.3% w/w max
  • Moisture - 0.1% w/w max
However, system can be designed to give desired Product quality as per the Customer requirement. For eg. System can be designed to give dry Bromine if so required.
Salient Features of Ablaze Bromine Recovery System:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower specific consumption figures
  • Instrumentation Integration
  • Safety
  • Alternative/ options of MoC
Bromine Recovery Unit
Br Recovery from Industrial Effluent


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