HCL Gas Generation Unit

HCl Gas Generator
Hydrogen Chloride is commercially available in the form of 30% concentrated aqueous solution of Hydrochloric Acid. In many industrial applications, where presence of moisture is not acceptable, HCl is used in the anhydrous form. Due to wide application of this form of HCl in chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratories, generation of anhydrous HCl is required from commercial grade.
We supply three types of HCl gas generators based on the working principle and customer requirement – using calcium chloride, using sulphuric acid, and by boiling.
Using Sulphuric Acid: When we use commercially available sulphuric acid (98%), along with 30% hydrochloric acid, the solubility of HCl in water reduces. When used in accurate ratio, the entire HCl gets liberated in anhydrous form leaving behind diluted sulphuric acid. This is a highly efficient method of recovery of HCl, and is accompanied by negligible pressure drop.
Using Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride is a desiccating agent and has a strong affinity for water. As a result, when a solution of calcium chloride reacts with commercial HCl, entire HCl in gaseous form becomes available. This is further passed through a mist eliminator to get completely anhydrous hydrogen chloride.
Using Boiling Method: Commercial HCl is a 30% concentrated solution with water. When this is boiled, HCl forms an azeotropic mixture with water at approximately 110°C . This mixture has 20.24% HCl and the rest gets released in the form of HCl gas.
The anhydrous gas generator can be provided in varied capacities up to 200Kg/hour of dry HCl.

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