Sulphuric Acid Concentration Plant

Sulphuric Acid Concentration Plant
Sulphuric acid finds vast application in a variety of chemical reactions. Commonly available sulphuric acid is usually diluted with water as well as contaminated with trace chemicals. Since most chemical reactions use concentrated sulphuric acid, the process of recovery of concentrated acid is very important.
Over the last 30 years, Ablaze has acquired sufficient process know-how for the process. We offer complete turnkey units for concentration of sulphuric acid. Based on initial feed concentration, we do process design and engineering to give output acid of desired concentration.
The concentration process involves multiple stages depending on final concentration required. Concentration up to 70% sulphuric acid can be achieved by simple evaporation of the dilute acid under vacuum. The evaporation is carried out in multiple evaporators in stages, to achieve desired concentration.
Beyond this concentration, the evaporated water has increased acid content and hence a washing column needs to be installed to recover this acid.
By adjusting temperature and pressure, along with other operating conditions, concentrated sulphuric acid up to 93% ( by weight) may be derived. At this stage, sulphuric acid and water form an azeotropic mixture and cannot be further separated by evaporation.
We can successfully provide concentrated sulphuric acid systems up to 93%.

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