Random Packing

Random packing provides increased surface area, within the column, thus resulting in more efficient process. Use of random packing usually results in reduction of column height by a considerable amount. Random packing is not arranged in the column is any specific method or orientation.
The most common random packings available are raschig rings and pall rings. Raschig rings are the most conventional type of column packing used in mass transfer process and usually have a diameter to height ratio of 1:1. Pall rings are a slightly modified version of raschig rings and offer more effective surface area as compared to a raschig ring.
Random packing is readily available in varied MOCs such as borosilicate glass, metal (SS 304/316), PP, FEP, PFA, ceramic, etc to name a few. Both raschig rings, and pall rings are available in these material of construction.
If required, customized rings may also be manufactured on request.
Random Packing Random Packing Random Packing Random Packing

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