Sight Flow Indicators

Sight Flow Indicator
Sight glass is used to check the inline flow of various fluids. Sight glass can be inserted between any type of non transparent pipeline to observe the flow of liquid. This can be used both in horizontal as well as vertical pipeline.
Sight glass is constructed in such a way that it gives a complete view from every angle. Since glass is transparent , non-reactive and non-contaminant with most of the chemicals, sight glass in Borosilicate & Quartz construction remains universal engineering item.
Wetted part in PTFE, Viton , Butyl Polymer in the assembly is equally non-corrosive and allows process variation & thus rugged & leak proof construction. The M.O.C of frame is available in MS, SS304 / SS316, PP & HDPE. Standard flanges drilling as per ANS116.5, ASA150. Available sizes are from 15 DN to 150DN.
Double Window Type Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator) in Cast construction & fabricated design is used to meet industrial requirements of various applications to inspect the process fluid. Double Window Sight Glass contains two toughened glasses mounted opposite to each other.
It is available in various thickness and diameter of glass to suit various requirements with respect to fluid pressure and temperature.

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