Vessels and Stirrers

Vessels And Stirrers
In the majority of glass plant installations, vessels find universal applications as reactors, re-boilers, receivers and separators as well as for storage, feed or measuring. Vessels can be combined with various components such as glass Covers, Stirrers and stirrer drives to assemble a varied range of customized stirred reaction units.
Vessels are available in spherical & cylindrical shape from laboratory scale of 1 litre to production scale of 500 litre capacity. Both spherical and cylindrical vessels can be supplied with graduation against special order. Cylindrical vessel can be supplied with glass / metal jacket also for insulation. For temperature controlled reactions, heating baths and mantles can also be easily provided.
A variety of stirrers and stirrer drives are available to use glass vessel as agitated reaction equipments. Stirrer assemblies are used with spherical or cylindrical vessels and generally comprise two main components: a drive unit (including shaft seal) and a stirrer shaft.
In addition a reducer or vessels cover is normally required, to connect the top neck of the vessel to the drive unit. Variable speed drive unit can be supplied on request.

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