Automated Continuous Distillation Unit

Automated Continuous Distillation Unit
Distillation is a separation technique used for separating two immiscible liquids based on the difference of their boiling points. Our Automated Continuous Distillation Unit allows the user to define and control the parameters of distillation process, carry out calculations on the data fed manually or automatically received from the process instruments and even save the data and results for evaluation or future use.
The Unit includes complete glass assembly with required instrumentation such as Heating mantle, sensors, flow controllers etc, Weatherproof Local Panel (for control and Indication) and SCADA system for defining of and controlling of process parameters.
We offer two types of Distillation column:
  • Packed column (Different packing can be provided such as Raschig rings, Pall rings, Intalox saddles etc.)
  • Sieve Tray column (Sampling points and thermometer pockets can be provided at different trays so that the tray hold-up can be collected for further evaluation, if required.)
Our Automated Continuous Distillation Pilot plant finds its application at various levels: Industrial R&D sectors – for separating two immiscible liquids having different boiling points, for concentrating chemical solutions by distilling off water from the solution, studying the process variables by defining and controlling other parameters. Educational Laboratories – for understanding of students and carrying out experiments such as distillation with defined reflux ratio, distillation at defined operating pressure, pressure drop across column, calculation of relative volatility, calculation of column diameter, etc.

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