Non-Stirred High Pressure Vessels

Non-Stirred High Pressure Vessels
These have essentially the same basic design as the stirred high pressure reactors except for the motor and the stirrer assembly. It mainly finds application in corrosion studies on metals, testing hydrogen disbonding, cell disruption, etc.
The vessels have Pressure Gauge, Vent Valve, Sampling Valve, Gas Inlet Valve, Safety Rupture Disc, Internal cooling coil , Thermowell, etc as standard offerings. Flameproof panel and motor can be provided depending on application.
The high pressure vessels are available in sizes from 250ml to 10 litres. The usual design pressure is 100 kg/cm2g and design temperature is 250°C. Reactors with higher pressure and temperature ratings can be designed on request.
Customized reactors for special applications can also be manufactured on request.

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