Heating & Chilling Circulation System

Heating And Chilling Circulation Unit
These are highly sophisticated units with heating as well as cooling functionalities and are usually used in applications where operating temperature range varies widely. The heating and cooling capacities are high enough to ensure least possible heating and cooling times, ensuring fast switching between the two functions.
Salient Features:
  • Heating and cooling in common bath for -30 to 200 degree celsius
  • Closed loop system to use single fluid in closed loop systems
  • No fuming or condensation of thermic fluid in closed loop system
  • No bath in Closed Loop System ensuring faster heat transfer
  • Conveniently mounted on wheels to ensure ease of movement
  • Can be programmed for automated control using a PC
  • Accessories such as thermic fluid, flexible silicon hose pipes for fluid circulation, etc can be provided
  • Suitable for reactor size up to 500 litres

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