Stirred High Pressure Reactors

Stirred High Pressure Reactors
Our unique pressure vessel designs have been developed to meet the ever-expanding needs of high-pressure research and production applications. Our autoclaves are designed to serve high pressure requirements for Hydrogenation, sterilization etc needs for Research, Academic and Industrial applications.
Ablaze make Autoclaves offer high mass transfer area along with a rugged vessel design. Reaction vessels have magnetically coupled agitator, pressure switches and safety rupture disc, Pressure gauge, Sampling valve, Gas inlet valve, vent valve, Thermowell with temperature sensor, cooling coil, etc. as basic offering.
The reactor can be provided with flameproof control panel and motor if required.
Reactors from 250ml up to 10 litre can be readily made available. The usual design pressure is 100 kg/cm2g and design temperature is 250°C. Reactors with higher pressure and temperature ratings can be designed on request. Customized reactors for special applications can also be manufactured on request.

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