Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit

Automated Liquid Extraction Unit
Liquid-liquid Extraction is a process for separating one component (liquid) from a liquid mixture by contact with a solvent. Our Automated Liquid-liquid extraction Unit allows the user to define and control the process parameters, carry out calculations on the data fed manually or automatically received from the process instruments and even save the data and results for evaluation or future use.
The Unit includes complete glass assembly with required instrumentation such as sensors, flow controllers etc, Weatherproof Local Panel (for control and Indication) and SCADA system for defining of and controlling of process parameters.
Our Automated Liquid0liquid extraction pilot plant finds its application at various levels: Industrial R&D sectors – for separation of a liquid(A) from a liquid mixture by using a suitable solvent(B) (Additional provision can be provided for recovery of A ) Educational Laboratories – for understanding of students and carrying out experiments for calculating efficiency of a solvent for extracting a particular chemical, determination of partition coefficient etc.

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