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Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates

The quality and reliability requirements are very high in pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in high precision, quality products to meet the demands of this industry and provide efficient systems without compromising on quality of the product. Our products are suitable for use in production units for active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

Chemical Industry

We have expertise in process systems and solutions for diverse chemical processes. Our understanding of chemical process enables us to provide customized solutions for varied applications such as fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, dyes and paints, agrochemicals, flavours and fragrances, coatings and adhesives, etc. We have also been providing complete turnkey solutions for processes such as bromine recovery, nitric acid concentration, sulphuric acid concentration, etc. for many years.

Research and Development

research and development
With easy to use and flexible equipments, we pride ourselves in having a comprehensive range of products for R&D purpose. We focus on specific process requirements of the clients and ensure smooth scalability from R&D to production. Our equipments can be supplied with real-time automation system like SCADA, assisting in the R&D process.

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industry requires precise control of processes owing to the delicate nature of products and intermediates involved. Our process systems are specially designed to ensure that key parameters are continuously monitored and process takes place in a controlled manner while providing desired output.

Academic Institutions

academic institutions
Years of experience of working in the chemical industry enables us to offer appropriate systems for explaining complex chemical process in academic institutions offering courses in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering. The process systems can be customized as per the requirement of the educational institute and can also be provided with automation system like SCADA, enabling students and professors to do research work on the recorded data.

Fine chemicals

Ablaze glass works has achieved a customized solutions for processing, refining and making more chemical reactions, distillation, crystallization, separation, packaging etc. taking place at predetermined and scheduled intervals. We also provides solution to wide range of manufacturing units for Fine chemicals which are used as starting materials for specialty chemicals, particularly pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Speciality chemicals

A useful aspect of specialty chemicals is that they can be custom designed to meet the specifications of a particular product or process. Specialty chemicals include inert greases, oils, and waxes, chemicals used in laboratories, water treatment chemicals, epoxies and resins, food additives, pharmaceuticals, and photographic chemicals.


Ablaze glass works have developed a specific solution range for the crop protection producers completing their needs by providing corrosion resistant material while bringing them a competitive advantage for the production of fertilizer, crop protection, pesticides, seeds and fungicides. Our solutions of excellence enable our clients to obtain the highest benefits from their investments in the process industry.

Precious metal

The process for recovery of precious metals is an extremely corrosive process. However, with extensive experience and the largest installed customer base in the industry for corrosion resistant technologies Ablaze glass works is the full-service refiner of precious metals, our services, technologies and refineries represent the most comprehensive and advanced precious metal refining facilities in the world.

Flavors and fragrances

Fragrances is used for external applications such as spray perfumes, body care, home care, cosmetics, soaps & detergents and incense. These are non- consumables. To produce natural flavors, the flavorant must first be extracted from the source substance. The methods of extraction can involve solvent extraction, distillation etc. Ablaze glass works is involve with all process know-how and solutions based on extraction, distillation, and rectification with enable the customer to meet every need.


Ablaze glass works offers a wide range of product for the Pigments Industry, including organic pigments, pigment preparations and dyes used in coatings, printing, plastics, consumer products and other special applications. Several solutions like reaction, filtration, drying and powder handling are available for the core production. Also, complete solutions can be provided to reduce the principal air pollutants from dye manufacturing, like volatile organic compounds.


Crude oil, a mixture of many different chemicals, is separated into simpler, more useful mixtures by fractional distillation in oil refineries to give separate chemicals such as gasoline (or petrol) for cars, kerosene for airplanes and bitumen for roads. Ablaze glass works provides a systemized solutions by various process equipment’s in petroleum as well as for oil & gas industries to enhance the chemical processes.


Products arising from the linkage of repeating units by covalent chemical bonds have been the primary focus of polymer science. Ablaze glass works provides various equipment’s used in polymer processing industries.

Biochemical, biotechnology

Bioprocessing is a growing area within the field of pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing. Specific, targeted enzymatic activity is the foundation of production by bioprocessing. Biochemical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering or biological engineering that mainly deals with the design and construction of unit processes that involve biological organisms or molecules, such as bioreactors. Its applications are in the petrochemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and water treatment industries The Biochemical is widely connected with research and education primarily as it relates to the optimization, modeling and scale-up of biopharmaceutical processes.

Sugar and dairy

The sugar industry subsumes the production, processing of sugars (mostly saccharose and fructose). Globally, most sugar is extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet .Ablaze glass works provides various process equipment’s which are applicable for sugar making processes.