Glass Jacketed Reactors

A reactor is an essential part of almost all chemical process units. It is rightly termed as the ‘heart’ of the system, since it is the most critical component.
A Borosilicate glass reactor offers a distinctive advantage of reaction visibility, which is not possible in other materials of construction. However, traditional methods of heating the contents of the glass reactor forced the users to compromise on the visibility advantage. This triggered the development of Glass Jacketed Reactor Vessels.
By design, a Glass Jacketed Reactor is a vessel which is enclosed by a jacket of glass where the heating/cooling fluid circulates. The jacket is a totally isolated compartment around the inner vessel, and the contents of the vessel and the jacket do not come in direct contact. The jacket is provided with a separate inlet and outlet for the circulation of the heating/cooling media. Depending on the requirement, a nozzle for venting may also be provided in the jacket part.
Heat transfer takes place across the glass wall between the inner vessel and the jacket, and the vessel is so manufactured that the jacket area always covers the nominal volume of the reactor. The nozzles are provided with universal M16/M30 connections so that the reactor can be connected to any International reputed Temperature Control Unit (TCU).
Single and double jacketed reactors are provided for specialized reaction purpose. In normal jacketed reactors, the jacket area is used for circulation of fluid to control the reaction temperature within the vessel. At times, an additional jacket is required for insulation purpose. The double jacketed reactors are used in such cases.
These reactors are provided with the usual accessories of a reaction unit such as stirrer assembly with drive, valves and supporting structure. The further reaction assembly to be connected to vapour nozzle can also be additionally provided, if required.
These are highly customized reaction units and are designed as per customer’s requirements. Standard units are available for general reactions up to a capacity of 50 litres.
Jacketed Reactor
50 Litres Jacketed Reactor

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