CE Type Glass Lined Reactor

CE Type Glass Lined Reactor
The CE type Glass lined reactors have a single piece construction and are manufactured as per DIN 28136 standard. Apart from agitator compatibility, they are more or less similar to AE type reactors in functionality. Due to the closed design, agitators such as anchor, or mixed agitators cannot be used with CE type reactors.
All DIN standard sizes from 1600litre to 40000litre are readily available. The reactors can also be customized for GMP applications in manufacture of active pharmaceutical industries, etc.
The reactor vessel is provided with all necessary accessories such as agitator, thermowell, etc. Depending on the design pressure requirement in vessel and in jacket, seal may be stuffing box type, single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal.
Resistance to sharp temperature Variaiton: Cold shock (110°C) and Hot Shock (120°C)
Description Vessel Jacket
Design Pressure 6 Kg / cm² / F.V. 6 Kg / cm²
Design Temperature -20 ºC To 200 ºC -20 ºC To 200 ºC
Max. Allowable Pressure  6 Kg / cm² G 6 Kg / cm² G
Final Hydrostatic Test 6 Kg / cm² G 6 Kg / cm² G
Joint Efficiency 0.85 / 1.0 0.7 / 1
Corrosion Allowance 1.0 1.0

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