Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are one of the most common and versatile type of exchangers used in heat transfer applications. They allow transfer of larger amounts of heat in a more compact construction, than is possible with conventional coil type heat exchangers. Shell and Tube type Heat exchangers find application as heaters, coolers, condensers, vaporizers, reboilers etc.
They are also versatile in terms of the material of construction (MOC) used for the tubes as well as the shell. Shell & Tube HE may be designed with a wide range of corrosion resistant materials apart from borosilicate glass such as graphite, Silicon Carbide (Hexoloy), Tantalum, Steel, titanium, etc. to name a few.
Due to higher heat transfer area, easy maintenance and repair, and flexibility of design and operation, shell and tube heat exchangers have become very popular and the preferred means of heat transfer. They are also recommended for use in GMP applications.
Multiple pass shell and tube heat exchangers ( up to 4 passes) are also available on request.
Design Features & Benefits:
  • Same diameter of tube used for all versions
  • Same design of tube sealing fitting used across all versions
  • Modular design, making maintenance simple and spare part stocking easy
  • Suitable for wide range of heat transfer processes
  • Only inert materials i.e. borosilicate glass 3.3, and PTFE coming in contact with product
  • Extremely low pressure drop across the equipment
  • Smooth internal surfaces, extending the lifecycle time of the product
  • Shells and headers can be made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3, Mild steel, stainless steel, MS-PTFE lined, Glass lined, PP-FRP
  • Tubes can be made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3, SiC, Graphite, Hastelloy

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