Distillation Units

Distillation Unit
Distillation units work on the basic principles of evaporation and condensation wherein the contents of the main vessel are heated using a heating bath. The vessel is made from borosilicate glass due to its non-reactive and non-corrosive nature.
The vapour are condensed in the condenser and collected directly or in a receiving vessel. The bath can be provided in MS or SS depending on the usage conditions. The complete unit is available in vessel size capacities from 10Litre to 500Litre. These units can be provided with cylindrical vessels also.
This unit can be operated either under complete vacuum or atmospheric pressure and maximum temperature up to 200°C.
Depending on client’s process requirements, different variants of simple distillation units are offered by Ablaze:
Fractional Distillation Unit
It is a modified form of simple distillation unit, usually used when the difference in boiling points of the two liquids is less. It consists of a packed column through which the vapours pass and a reflux divider to ensure complete separation of both liquids.
Reaction Distillation Unit
For special applications, a distillation unit may be provided with a stirring arrangement in order to carry out combination reactions in pilot plant scale.

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