Glass Lined Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer

Glass Lined Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer
Glass Lined reactors are primarily used for carrying out critical chemical processes where corrosion resistance and chemical inertness are of prime importance. The AE type reactors consist of two major parts i.e. the vessel and the cover, and are manufactured as per DIN 28136 standard.
The reactors range in capacity from 63 litre to 6300 litre. The reactor vessel is provided with all necessary accessories such as agitator, thermowell, etc. Depending on the design pressure requirement, seal may be stuffing box type, single mechanical seal or double mechanical seal.
All types of agitators may be used with these reactors. The reactors can be customized for GMP applications for use in pharmaceutical industry.
They are designed to withstand temperatures between -20°C to +200°C and pressure up to 6 Bar G (for double mechanical sealing) in the vessel as well as the jacket. Hence, they provide the benefit of chemical inertness, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength all together, to become the preferred MOC for reactor vessels in critical conditions.
Reactors with nominal capacity less than 63 litre may be provided on request.

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