Lab Glass Reactor

Lab Glass Reactor are designed for modern chemical plants and laboratories applications.
Chemical reactions are the main process of modern chemical plants and laboratories. Ablaze Glass Laboratory Reactors are designed to carry hundreds of thousands of different techniques and create new processes..
Despite the fact that equipment for chemical reactions can be made from completely different materials, glass is the most popular of them.
The reason is quite simple: a chemical glass reactor has a number of keys properties for comfortable research - transparency and the possibility of visual observation of the process, chemical resistance and inertness, thermal stability.
Capacity: Replace multiple reaction set-ups with a single universal system that accepts vessels from 250 ml to 5 litres
Models: GMP / non-GMP
Electrical Parts: ATEX / Flame-proof / Weather-proof
Lab Glass Reactor Unit includes
  • Stand with base, support rods, bosses and all clamps
  • Glass reaction vessel with glass lid
  • Vessel with FEP O-ring seal and PTFE collar
  • Stainless Steel tray
  • Vessel-to-manifold insulated hoses with
  • quick-release connections
  • IKA motor
  • Magnetic Seal
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Quick release clamp for reactor
Salient Features:
  • Lab Reactor system suitable for most benchtop fume hoods
  • Skid Mounted and quick release clamp for easy installaon and removable of glassware
  • Suitable for vacuum condition
  • Interchangeable Stirrer anchor, propeller, turbine, etc
  • Digital temperature indicator
Technical Specification :
  • Glass : Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Temperature range : -90° C to 250° C
  • Pressure range : Full vacuum to 6 bar
  • Stirrer Speed range : 60 - 2000 rpm
  • Interaction with reagents: complete Inertness
  • Seal and valve material: Teflon DuPont, PEEK, Kalrez
  • Jacket : Single for heating / cooling or double for additional thermal insulation and cryogenic reactions
Applicable Industries:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Herb Extraction
  • Petrochemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrance
  • Aromatics
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Lab Glass Reactor

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