Reaction Units

Reaction Unit
This is a general purpose batch reaction distillation unit, and is usually provided with a stirrer along with the basic distillation set up. The stirrer agitates the mixture in the reaction vessel at a defined rpm, which ensures uniform heat distribution across the entire mixture and helps avoid heat spots.
The unit has provision for simple reflux distillation and can be operated at vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.
The condensation of vapours happens in condenser after passing through the reflux divider. After cooling in a product cooler, it gets collected in the receiver.
The complete unit serves as a multipurpose unit and a varied range of different operations can be carried out in the same unit. The unit has multiple vessels along with all basic accessories such as heating bath, valves, reflux divider, condenser, and stirrer with assembly, etc.
The unit can be provided in various sizes from laboratory scale up to industrial scale of 500 Litres.

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