Lab Scale Rotary Evaporator

Lab Rotary Evaporator
A rotary evaporator is one of the most essential equipment in academic laboratories and research & development in industries. Flasks with capacity from 500ml to 3 litres can be made available.
Salient Features:
  • LCD digital display for heating mantle temperature, rotation speed and timer.
  • Heating mantle has a temperature range from room temperature up to 180°C. Additionally, a temperature cut off is set at 210°C as safety measure
  • The evaporating flask can be rotated at an RPM ranging from 20 to 280 rpm. The rotation takes place alternately in clockwise and anti clockwise directions. This aids in the drying process.
  • In case of power failure, the evaporating flask is automatically released to top position to prevent any accident
  • Condenser has a heat transfer area of 1,500 cm2 , enabling faster condensation
  • All wetted parts are of glass or PTFE, so the rotary can be readily used with corrosive liquids
  • USB interface provided to control and record various parameters via a PC
The lab scale models are designed to be sleek and compact so as to have minimum footprint. We offer a table top model which can be used with flasks of multiple sizes to suit the need of different experiments.
Compatible accessories such as circulating chiller, vacuum pump, etc can also be provided along with the rotary evaporator.

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